Monday, 3 September 2012

Dream Nail Combo!

Hello there!
It's been a little while, to tell you the truth I haven't really been that busy, although I do have a new job at H&M (did I write about that already?) so I'm having lots of fun working there on Saturdays. Although it's all day, 9-6 and I hate getting up so early, but I'll soon get used to that. I've realized that I've spent most of the summer watching The Big Bang Theory, shopping and occasionally going out with my friends. It's been okay though, I don't know how the last two months have gone by so quickly! I go back to college next week, something which I am actually looking forward to. I'm just going to like having a routine again, and of course, every day I'm getting closer to turning 18. EEEP.
Anyway, I've bought a few new nail polishes this summer, and I bought this new nail polish today:

It's the new Louise Gray for Topshop nail polish in Junkyard, and it was £6.50 (£5.85 with student discount, yaaay) I've been lusting after this since... well the other day when I saw it in Topshop. I am having a major thing about glitter nail polishes at the moment and this is just a dream. It is kind of like the regular Topshop glitter polishes (like Razzmatazz and Ice Crush) but obviously it's a bright blue colour, and I think it has more of the chunky holographic glitter pieces in it, which I LOVE.
So I bought this today and when I got home I wanted to test it out and see how concentrated the glitter in it was, so I just bunged it on top of the polish I was already wearing:
Which was model's own in Indian Ocean. This nail polish is fairly new, and it's just the most beautiful colour ever, and Indian Ocean is a perfect name for it. It's kind of a pinky-blue colour with a shimmer. I love love LOVE this polish. Anyway, so I put the Topshop polish on top and it turned out like this:
I think it's absolutely gorgeous. And it looks way better in real life that in this picture. :)
Anyway, I just thought I'd blog about these beautiful polishes. There is also a pink glitter polish in Topshop, which I think I may have to buy too. It's a good job that's is payday soon!
Thankyou fo reading, please comment if you own any of the Topshop polishes?