Monday, 30 January 2012

My Hair Journey...

So, I've been dying my naturally chestnut brown hair jet black for the past four or five years. I have a very pale complexion and I got tired of looking tired and washed out. So, I thought about what colour I wanted my hair to be and decided. Blonde. My mum was totally against it, everyone who I told was kind of sceptical.
I saw that Beautycrush had gone blonde and it looked absolutely gorgeous. She has a darker skin colour to me but I really liked the colour. (
I used a colour remover (colour B4) and then used the same product that beautycrush used on her hair. (smartblonde by smartbeauty)
I had my sister apply it, and unfortunately she didn't listen to me, and focused most of the dye on my roots.
So, I went from having hair like this:
 To this:

So, my ends are a dark brown colour and the hair close to my hair is ginger and my roots are the only part of my head that is blonde.
So yes, it's a bit of a disaster but I'm embracing the gingerness.
I'm giving my hair a bit of a rest at the moment and I have a different lightening ki to use and then a dark ash blonde hair dye to put on it. My hair is going to need a LOT of deep conditioning by the time I'm don
Wish me luck!

Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks for reading. xoxo

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Payday Beauty Goodies!

Heey! So, sorry I haven't updated in like a week, been busy.
I got paid yesterday and went a bit crazy in Boots and Superdrug! Here's a few bits that I got:
Left to right: 17 magnetized nail polishes (which don't have colour names), Soap & Glory Mist You Madly body spray, Soap & Glory Kick Ass concealer, Sleek face contour kit, and 17 BB cream.

First things first - LOOK AT THIS! I get excited about this concealer. I'd been planning to buy this ever since I first saw it. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, with the two sections and the very handy mirror inside. Sure, it's £10, which is a tad steep for a concealer, but LOOK AT IT! And, it's cheaper than Benefit's Boi-ing concealer (don't even get me started on that!) It's just gorgeous, and I love it, may invest in some of the other makeup products. I've tried the concealer today and so far I'm impressed, but I misjudged the texture of the concealer and dug my finger in it a little too hard, it was waaay creamier than I'd expected. Now it doesn't look so pretty with a big finger hole in the middle. :(

I also got the Mist you madly body spray, which was bout £3 for a mini size, (100ml) It was £6 for a bigger bottle that came in a box, but I thought that the mini size would be mor convinient to carry around. I already knew what this smelt like, as I have the 'clean on me' shower gel, which is gorgeous.


I've been lusting after these for ages, and I finally got them. I got the 2 shades and the BB cream in a 3 for 2 offer. So far, I haven't managed to get amazing results, not sure if it's the way I've been applying it or not. The colour of these polishes are gorgeous even before using the magnet.

So far with the BB cream I'm impressed, it was cheaper than the Garnier BB cream I got, and so far I kind of think it's better. I may do a review on it soon. :)

Sleek face contour kit. I think that this was £6.99. I haven't used this yet, but can't wait to give it a go. I love the sleek compacts, they look so much more expensive than they actually are. I saw that BeautyCrush had this baby in one of her favourites ages ago, so I got it. :)
Yeeeah, that's just my little haul from my payday shopping. If anyone wants me to review any of these products please let me know! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Katy Perry.

Katy Perry. 
The woman. The legend.
I confess it: I'm completely, obsessively, irrevocably and insanely in love with Ms Katy Perry.
You may have already guessed from the blog title or the picture at the top. 
She's such an inspiration to me. Her songs make me feel emotions I've never felt before. I've seen her live and queued for 5 hours in a very chilly Cardiff, so that I could get to the front. But it was so so worth it. Katy looked me right in the eyes. :)

Now you're probably thinking that I'm some weird crazy superfan, like a 'beliber' or something. (no offense to the belibers out there) But you'd be right. I am one of those annoying twitter-stalking fans you hear about. I'm a Katycat. :D
My dream is to meet her. 

Anyway, onto what I was ACTUALLY going to talk about, was the new eyelashes that Eyelure and Katy Perry are bringing out. I was so excited about this when I heard about it. There will be four different sets available, called: Sweetie Pie, Oh My!, Cool Kitty and Oh, Honey. Apparently Katy wore Eyelure lashes every night of her tour, false lashes are an essential part of her stage appearance. The lashes range from more demure and girly, to big and fluttery.

I think my favorites are the Oh, Honey ones, but I will probably get them all when they arrive in shops and try them all. :) Apparently they will be available in the UK from February. Can't wait!
Thanks for reading, sorry if this post seemed a little creepy, I go a bit crazy when I talk about her. There I go again! Anyway, please comment!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Polka Dot Nails!

So, I've been busy doing nothing for the past four days. I've literally been napping and watching Celebrity Big Brother outside of College. It's quite sad really. Also, I'm broke, I have ten pounds left to spend until net friday (payday woo!) and that's gonna be spent on travel. :( Looks like that magnetic nail polish and new bag are going to have to wait.
Anyway, inbetween sleeping and eating, I somehow found the time to do my nails. At first I just painted them a pink colour, but i thought I'd add a little pazzaz to it, so I added polka dots. This is the first time I've actually done this, and it's actually really easy!

I used a 17 nail polish in a pinky colour, (can't tell what the name was because it's not on the bottle :( )
I then used the round bottom end of a makeup brush and dipped it into the darker polish that I had made little puddle of on a plate. I then just made the pattern, redipping as needed.
A topcoat to finish and it was done!
Hope you like this, I love them!
Thankyou so much for reading, I'd love to hear any comments you may have. :)

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Metallic Blue Nails!

Heeey! So, my new nail resolution has been going well, I've been getting so many compliments for all of my patterns and prettiness on my nails. :)
So, I tried using Andrea Fullerton nail tattoos and Konad together and I came up with this:

Pretty huh? I painted my nails first with the blue, did the Konad stamping and then used the line of the Konad pattern as a guide to place the nail tattoo line. Then I just applied a clear topcoat. :)
I used:

No7 Stay Perfect nail colour in 'Sing The Blues'

Andrea Fullerton nail tattoo
 And Konad plate m15 and white stamping polish.
Hope you like this, all questions and comments welcome!
Thanks for reading! xoxo

Thursday, 12 January 2012

6 Seemingly Obvious Skincare Rules...

1. ALWAYS Wash your face before bed.
This is the one everyone tells you. We've all heard Kandee Johnson, xSparkage, Pixiewoo preaching it, and we've all read about it in Cosmo. It seems simple. Yet sometimes you've just settled down to watch about a billion episodes of 90210 before bed and then it hits you. You haven't taken off your makeup. Suddenly the bathroom just seems too far away, and your bed feels like the warmest and comfiest place on the entire planet. Surely just one night won't hurt, right?
Wrong. Going to bed with a full face of makeup is just encouraging bacteria and clogging your pores, not letting your skin breathe.
So no matter how hard it seems to drag yourself out of bed, get up and wash your face. Your skin will thank you for it.
I know if you're going to an all night party sort of shin-dig and it's very likely that you'll be too drunk to walk in a straight line, let alone take your makeup off, it can be difficult. Just pop some makeup wipes in your bag and if you get the chance you may use them at some point. :)
2. Know your skin type
If you don't know your skin type (which quite a large percentage of women actually don't know) you could be using the wrong products for your skin, holding it back from reaching it's full beautiful potential.
The Body Shop has an online skin type quiz:
3. Try not to touch your face during the day
Touching your face is just adding more bacteria and oils to your face. Also take note and clean your phone, people often notice that their skin gets more blemished in the area when you would hold a phone to your ear, so clean your phone regularly or use earphones with a mic to talk on the phone. OR for a more fun alterntive, use this, as it doesn't press against your face as a mobile would. This is so fun:
4. Eat a good diet and drink plenty of water
This is another one that skincare experts and doctors bang into our heads, but it's so true. You'll be amazed at how good your skin looks if you drink lots of water (at least eight glasses a day) and eat a balanced diet with plenty of yummy fruits. If you're one of those people that is just too busy to eat a crazy healthy diet, then try to take vitamins, there are loads out there but vitamins C and E are both great for your skin!
5. Use SPF!
Especially if you're young right now, you're probably not too worried about wrinkles and lines, it seems like an age away. But seriously, if you start using a moisturiser of foundation (or a BB cream) with at least an SPF 15 in it now, your skin will thankyou when you get old, and you'll defintely reap the rewards.
6. Exfoliate!
Dull skin? Exfoliating is the answer. Use a slightly abrasive exfolitor every three or so days, and your skin will be renewed and feel softer nd cleaner. The exfoliant encourages cell renewal, and helps to scrub off dead skin cells and dirty, revealing the new beautiful skin underneath. A good exfoliator is St Ives Apricot Scrub, which is inexpensive and a very good and popular exfoliator.

So thats it, some seem pretty obvious, some you might have needed reminding of. I hope that this helps, any more tips please comment! Thanks for reading! xoxo

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Cutest Pictures of Cats Ever.

So, I'm a bit crazy about cats. And when I say a bit, I mean a lot. My cat is one of my best friends. I get emotional thinking about cats. I don't want children, just lots of cats. I teared up the other day when watching 'American Dad' because a cartoon cat was dead. :'( Whenever I'm feeling a little sad, I look at pictures of cats and it makes me happy. I don't really like dogs, or any other animal much for that matter, just cats. It's enevitable that I will be the 'crazy cat lady' when I'm old. Never mind, I just thought I'd post a selection of gorgeous felines. 

 Cats dressed as chickens make me laugh SO much. And here is my own gorgeous boy, his name is Robbie and he's a babe.
 So, I know that this was a kind of random post, but I was feeling a little low and I thought talking about cats might cheer me up a little... and it did. Thanks for reading! xoxo

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Girly Butterfly Nails

So, in keeping with my New Year's Resolution, I tore myself away from my revision for a philosophy exam tomorrow to redo my nails. I dug out my Konad kit and thought I'd do something pretty and girlie.
This is what I came up with: 
I used 17 Supreme Shine Nail Colour in Pinking Shear, and I used the butterfly from the Konad plate m15.
For some reason it took me longer than usual to get the stamping right, I guess I'm just a little rusty as I haven't used it for a while.
Thanks for reading, let me know what you think!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Aims for Nails this Year...

I want to always have perfect nails this year. Even if it means redoing them every single night. I absolutely HATE the look of chipped nailpolish. I also want to get more creative with my nails this year and try more arty kind of things, like crystals, french tips and maybe even trying to draw designs on them. I've been a little creative in the past, especially after I got a konad kit for my birthday last year:

And then I got these cute little nail tattoos, which you can find here:

These look pretty cool, but I always found myself picking at the edges of them when I was nervous or just without noticing! :(
I think that next week from my £20 weekly budget I a going to buy this:
(I got the above picture for 30somethingmel's blog found here:
I think that this effect looks amazing and it's about six pounds from Boots, which is amazing! 
If anyone has any cool ideas for nail art or tips and t  ricks, or especially if you've tried the magnetic nail polish, please comment! :) Thanks for reading! xoxo

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Review: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector - B.B Cream

So, B.B Cream has been everywhere recently. They originally got so popular in Asia because Korean actresses said that they were their 'beauty secret'. 
So, finally they've come to the UK (seems like we're always the last to get everything, movies, perfumes etc.. :( )

I read up on this one before I bought it, and this had okay reviews, and it's a mid-range priced product, priced at £9.99, although in Boots there's an offer of 2 for £15. The lady in Boots looked at me like I was stupid when I said I only wanted the one. My £20 weekly budget had to be taken into account in this case. 
It's a 50ml bottle, which isn't amazing but it's not too stingey considering I've seen smaller BB cream bottles.

So it claims to:
-Even skintone and boost glow
-Blur imperfections
-Smooth fine lines
-24hr Hydration
-SPF 15

I got the light colour, which looks like this on my hand: 

After applying it, I wasn't completely blown away, but not disappointed. I have some mild spots and redness, and it did 'blur' these. There was still some redness, but not as much as before.
I applied this about 10 hours ago and I have to say that my skin does still feel hydrated and moisturized. 
My skin felt smooth after applying it, kind of like after applying foundation and powder, but not so heavy.
A lot of the reviews I read mentioned a strong fragrance, but I really like it. It's really not that strong, in fact I didn't notice it at first. It smells quite fruity and sweet, in a subtle way.
The colour is perfect for my skin, it's only slightly darker than my very pale complexion, which I like, as I don't like looking like a ghost. :)
As for the smoothing fine lines part, I'm afraid I couldn't really give an opinion on it, as I don't have any wrinkles as of yet. :)
Overall, I wasn't blown away, but I am quite pleased that I bought it, and I will continue to use it. I may try another BB cream when this one runs out.
-Good coverage
 -SPF 15, which I always look for when buying skin products
-Smells nice
-Long lasting moisturisation
-Could be better at covering all redness, maybe a green tinge added to it

Hope this was helpful! :) xoxo

My First Entry

So, I started a blog! Something for me to be distracted by when I should probably be revising for my AS Levels. But Hey Ho.
I figured I might as well start with the basic introduction: My name's Jo, I'm 17 and I live in Devon. I'm at College and I'm studying Philosophy, (which I love) English Language, (which I detest) and Psychology and World Development.
I work at a very well known high street clothing store, whose name I will not disclose in case I accidentally say anything bad about it and get sacked. It's an okay job, it funds my magazine addiction, so I can't complain. I have a boyfriend who I have been with for over a year now, and no one knows me like he does. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Katy Perry, and Disney. Pretty much everything about Disney, except maybe all the pretentious Disney stars on the Disney channel.
Anywho, enough with all that. It's a new year and with that comes big expectations for the year ahead. Namely a certain apocalypse that is supposed to occur on the 21st of December.So, in light of this, I pledge to do my best to follow and keep my resolutions to try and better myself and live to the full:
- Exercise more and eat less crap.
It has recently occurred to me just how much rubbish I actually eat. I have put on a little weight in the last year so I would like to keep track of it and lose some. I intend to go running with my boyfriend at least three times a week, and maybe start Yoga or Pilates. 
-Use my 2012 diary and be more organized.
-Budget my monthly wages and make it last for a whole month.
-Start saving money. I'm not sure what for, but it'd be nice to have a bit of money put away.

So, thats about it for my first blog post, hopefully I'll get better with practice! :)