Tuesday, 29 May 2012

May Wishlist!

The items I've been drooling over this month:

1. Topshop shorts: £35  These are a little out of my price range but they are oh-so-perfect.
2. H&M Blouse: £7.99  Perfect for summer, floaty and simple.
3. Clinique Moisture Surge: £30 I got a sample size of this free with Cosmo recently, and I love it! It's really light and fresh but still leaves my skin feeling moisturised.
4. Topshop Necklace: £16.99   I. Need. This.
5. Britney Spears Fantasy EDP: Around £20. This is my all time favourite perfume, it's so gorgeously sweet. I ran out of my last bottle ages ago and I miss using it.
6. Toms: £40  These are so cute and when you buy a pair for yourself, it also gives a child in Africa a pair of shoes too.
7. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation: £26.50   This is supposed to be really good and I really want to try it. As always with any benefit product, the packaging is really cute too.

So I finished my exams today, can't wait for summer to begin. I'm going to be upping my hours at work so that I can afford to buy some of these lovely things!
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

I have a serious problem. I'm actually addicted to magazines.
I'm not even just saying that, I think it might be a slight problem. I cannot physically go into a shop with money, look at the magazine stands and NOT buy one. Usually, by the end of the week when I look at the magazine stands I find that I own most of the women's ones.
I ALWAYS buy Cosmo, Glamour and Company
I buy Heat at least once a month. I also usually but more!, reveal and closer once a month too. That adds up to like £20 a month...
Anyway, onto what I was actually going to talk about. Glamour Mag. I love love LOVE the free gifts that they occasionally give away with the magazine. I remember a few years ago when Glamour gave away three different Benefit pencils, and I got my mum to drive me to all the places that sold magazines within like ten miles, because Glamour was sold out everywhere, and I wanted to get every Benefit pencil. And I did, luckily!
So, I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when reading Glamour today, when I found out that next months Glamour will come with three free Benefit products....
One of them is something I've wanted for ages. It was in my wishlist a while ago.
The Porefessional! They're giving away a half-size tube of porefessional with Glamour! I am so excited to buy this! You can also get the BadGal mascara and 'That Gal' primer! Looks like I'm going to be running from shop to shop trying to collect all three! Haha!
Anyway, next month's Glamour is out on May 31st!
Thankyou Glamour, I love you.

Monday, 7 May 2012

April Favourites!

Hello lovely people!
I know this is a tad late, but hey ho, I thought I'd do an April favourites post, as I am doing just about everything I can to avoid doing any dreaded revision!
So, here they are!

ELF Studio blush in Mellow Mauve. I've never really been one for blush, I've just never understood it. I went through a phase when I was younger where I wanted to be very pale, so pale that I looked ill, and blush just seemed stupid to me. But I thought I'd try a blush now I'm older, and I really like this, the packaging is cute and it has a handy mirror. It's a nice subtle pinky colour.

 ELF Studio Powder Brush - Everyone on youtube, from beautycrush to uglyfaceofbeauty have been raving about this brush, it's affordable, and I got it because I thought it would be like a stippling brush. I LOVE THIS. It's really dense and distributes product well. It's so multi-purpose too, I've been using it to buff foundation, contour and for blush if I've got no other brushes with me. At £3.50, it's a bargain too!
Neutrogena Multi-defence moisturiser, SPF 15. I've had my eye on this for AGES, but being skint and everything, I couldn't justify spending the £8 that it costs in Boots on this teeny bottle when I have plenty of other great moisturisers at home. But, since I got a new job (at Savers Health nd Beauty) I realised that we sell it for £3.99! It's really good, just a nice light moisturiser and I feel really good knowing it's protecting my skin against the sun, wind, pollution and everything else. Also, I carry this around with me all the time, which is why there's a signature on the bottle, it's so my boss knows I haven't nicked it from where I work! :P

 St. Moriz self tanning mousse - Up until this year I was a fake tan virgin. I had dabbled with the occasional Johnsons Holiday skin type gradual tanner, which I could not stand the smell of! As I mentioned earlier, I'd always wanted to be pale, but this year I decided to try this. I've seen lots of Youtubers rave about this Tanning mousse, it's supposed to be very much like the St. Tropez tanning mousse, which at £40 I don't think I'll be trying very soon...
Overall, it's good. It doesn't smell bad, it doesn't look orange and provided you exfoliate, moistrise and use a mitt, the results are good, (although I am still struggling with my knees!) And at £2.99 you can't complain. This was bought from Savers also.

Palmers Cocoa Butter  - Oh My. I wish I'd used this sooner. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this baby has changed my life. It's so moisturising, and it smells INSANELY delicious. I bought this from Savers again, It's a 250ml bottle and it was £2.99 which is about a pound cheaper than Boots! I love this so much, I even bought a teensy little travel bottle to carry around with me all the time.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula lip balm - Well I had to get this didn't I? It smells great, and it's super moisturising. And it's got SPF 15 , which is a massive pro for me because I'm really wary of the effects of the sun on my skin and lips. I love this.

Anyway, that's it, thankyou very much for reading!