Monday, 15 October 2012

MUA Nail Constellations Review

I'd been so excited for these to come out, they are a dupe for the Ciate Nail Caviar kits, but they cost a fraction of the price! It took ages for either of my local Superdrugs to get them in, I was checking literally everyday for them!

They are the new MUA Nail Constellation beads, which are 'inspired by the constellations of stars in the sky'. They come in the above five colours, and I just think they are beautiful. They are £2.50 at the moment. The only colour that I managed to get was Libra, but I can't wait to get Leo, which looks amazing.
(apologies for the bad quality picture, the colours looked a lot more vibrant in real life)
It was pretty easy to do, you just need to do one nail at a time, you paint your nail with your chosen polish (I used a lilac Miss Sporty one) and then whilst it's still wet you sprinkle the beads from the applicator onto your nail until it is covered in the beads. You then gently press down on the beads to 'glue' them into the polish and let dry for a good 20 minutes.
I wasn't expecting these to last long at all, but with a topcoat they lasted about five days before temptation took over and I just HAD to pick the beads off. (I am absolutely terrible for picking my nail polish off without noticing, having these little beads was very tempting to pick off - I think five days was pretty good)
The applicator really annoyed me, as the end is so small so that it doesn't let too many beads out at once. But I found that to get any beads out I actually had to shake the bottle like a salt shaker to cover my nails, which made loads of beads go into my little bowl that I was doing my nails over. This is fine as it didn't waste any, it just annoyed me to have to shake the bottle.
Obviously having somethig foreign and 3D on my nails was wierd, but I did get used to them. The only thing that annoyed me was that the beads kept getting caught in my hair. But this is obviously unavoidable.

Overall, these are awesome, I got lots of complements on my nails and I couldn't stop admiring my nails. £2.50 is an amazing price too and they lasted a good long while.

Thanks for reading!

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