Monday, 7 May 2012

April Favourites!

Hello lovely people!
I know this is a tad late, but hey ho, I thought I'd do an April favourites post, as I am doing just about everything I can to avoid doing any dreaded revision!
So, here they are!

ELF Studio blush in Mellow Mauve. I've never really been one for blush, I've just never understood it. I went through a phase when I was younger where I wanted to be very pale, so pale that I looked ill, and blush just seemed stupid to me. But I thought I'd try a blush now I'm older, and I really like this, the packaging is cute and it has a handy mirror. It's a nice subtle pinky colour.

 ELF Studio Powder Brush - Everyone on youtube, from beautycrush to uglyfaceofbeauty have been raving about this brush, it's affordable, and I got it because I thought it would be like a stippling brush. I LOVE THIS. It's really dense and distributes product well. It's so multi-purpose too, I've been using it to buff foundation, contour and for blush if I've got no other brushes with me. At £3.50, it's a bargain too!
Neutrogena Multi-defence moisturiser, SPF 15. I've had my eye on this for AGES, but being skint and everything, I couldn't justify spending the £8 that it costs in Boots on this teeny bottle when I have plenty of other great moisturisers at home. But, since I got a new job (at Savers Health nd Beauty) I realised that we sell it for £3.99! It's really good, just a nice light moisturiser and I feel really good knowing it's protecting my skin against the sun, wind, pollution and everything else. Also, I carry this around with me all the time, which is why there's a signature on the bottle, it's so my boss knows I haven't nicked it from where I work! :P

 St. Moriz self tanning mousse - Up until this year I was a fake tan virgin. I had dabbled with the occasional Johnsons Holiday skin type gradual tanner, which I could not stand the smell of! As I mentioned earlier, I'd always wanted to be pale, but this year I decided to try this. I've seen lots of Youtubers rave about this Tanning mousse, it's supposed to be very much like the St. Tropez tanning mousse, which at £40 I don't think I'll be trying very soon...
Overall, it's good. It doesn't smell bad, it doesn't look orange and provided you exfoliate, moistrise and use a mitt, the results are good, (although I am still struggling with my knees!) And at £2.99 you can't complain. This was bought from Savers also.

Palmers Cocoa Butter  - Oh My. I wish I'd used this sooner. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this baby has changed my life. It's so moisturising, and it smells INSANELY delicious. I bought this from Savers again, It's a 250ml bottle and it was £2.99 which is about a pound cheaper than Boots! I love this so much, I even bought a teensy little travel bottle to carry around with me all the time.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula lip balm - Well I had to get this didn't I? It smells great, and it's super moisturising. And it's got SPF 15 , which is a massive pro for me because I'm really wary of the effects of the sun on my skin and lips. I love this.

Anyway, that's it, thankyou very much for reading!


  1. I have the E.L.F Stippling brush and have been wanting the Powder one a while now..does it give you a good amount of coverage when applying foundation or what's it like for that? And the St.Moriz tan is brilliant,defiantly a favourite of mine :)


  2. Yeah I think it's really good for applying foundation, it's a nice dense brush so it does give you even coverage. :) I love the tan too, but I'm really struggling to get an even tan, I think I just need lots of practice, only used it about four times! :P xxx

  3. St Moriz is amazing! Best fake tan around, I think its a little smelly, but for the cheap price you really can't complain :D