Saturday, 12 May 2012

I have a serious problem. I'm actually addicted to magazines.
I'm not even just saying that, I think it might be a slight problem. I cannot physically go into a shop with money, look at the magazine stands and NOT buy one. Usually, by the end of the week when I look at the magazine stands I find that I own most of the women's ones.
I ALWAYS buy Cosmo, Glamour and Company
I buy Heat at least once a month. I also usually but more!, reveal and closer once a month too. That adds up to like £20 a month...
Anyway, onto what I was actually going to talk about. Glamour Mag. I love love LOVE the free gifts that they occasionally give away with the magazine. I remember a few years ago when Glamour gave away three different Benefit pencils, and I got my mum to drive me to all the places that sold magazines within like ten miles, because Glamour was sold out everywhere, and I wanted to get every Benefit pencil. And I did, luckily!
So, I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when reading Glamour today, when I found out that next months Glamour will come with three free Benefit products....
One of them is something I've wanted for ages. It was in my wishlist a while ago.
The Porefessional! They're giving away a half-size tube of porefessional with Glamour! I am so excited to buy this! You can also get the BadGal mascara and 'That Gal' primer! Looks like I'm going to be running from shop to shop trying to collect all three! Haha!
Anyway, next month's Glamour is out on May 31st!
Thankyou Glamour, I love you.


  1. I heard that Glamour magazine was going to be giving away some Benefit products in next months issue but I wasn't sure if it was true or not but now that I know that it is so will dfiantly be off to the shops to pick it up! I usually only buy magazines for freebies but I do like Glamour to read is well :) I think it was last year they gave away 3 mini samples of Benetint,Posie Tint and High Beam? Unfortuntely I missed out on those..


  2. Wow can't believe they are going to be giving out Benefit products, excited much! Thanks for the tip, will be waiting for it to hit the shops x