Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My GlossyBox Arrived!

So it arrived, delivery was much faster than I thought that it would be. This is my first beautybox of any kind, and I was very excited. It was so well packaged, looked so professional, and I felt really special having it sent to me, with all the lovely products inside!
Look at it! It's pink and pretty!
Inside, with a lovely little valentines message from GlossyBox.
Oooh so exciting! I got, from left to right: Murad skin perfecting primer, Davine cleansing nectar, Davine moisturizing balm, Eyeko skinny eyeliner in powder pink and FAB body wash. It also came with a little GlossyBox stick-of-rock candy piece, which was really cute and yummy!
So far, I've been using the primer most days, it was coloured just like foundation which really surprised me, but it has a much thinner feel than foundation. It goes on skin fine, and it doesn't look dark on my pale skin. Not really noticed a massive difference in redness, pore size etc but will update any changes.

I haven't used either of the Davine's stuff yet as I've been staying at my Boyfriends all week for valentines and I didn't bring them with me, but I am excited to try the moisturizing balm especially.
I was a little disappointed to get the skinny eyeliner in powder pink, as I already have Benefit Eyebright, which is very similar to the colour of the Eyeko pencil and a little better if I'm honest. I've heard a lot of negative stuff about Eyeko doubling their prices and changing their packaging. I used to be a fan of their old style nail polishes, which aren't available anymore. Not all that impressed with the eyeliner, it has a long handle which will be handy if I get to use the pencil down to the last tiny nub, but to be honest I don't really think I'll be using it much. Would have loved to recieve a much brighter colour, but was still quite exciting to try something new.
I haven't actually used the FAB body wash either, but I love the packaging and am excited to try it out once I get back home.
Anyway, thanks for reading, let me know what you guys thought of your GlossyBox's or any other beauty boxes.

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