Saturday, 25 February 2012

Product Rave - Natural Collection

Natural Collection moisture shine lipsticks have become a bit of a staple product for me recently. I got paid yesterday, but this month instead of splurging like I did last month, I was sensible and got some cheaper (but still lovely) goodies, including three of these lipsticks. Natural Collection have an offer on at the moment, 3 for £5, so I got three! There's also a deal where if you spend £5 or over you get a £5 No7 voucher, so I got that too, which was nice. So, these lipsticks are usually £1.99 each.
They're definitely not the most professional, amazing lipsticks, but they're moisturizing, creamy and come in lovely colors. When applied properly, using a lip liner and/or sealing, these lipsticks could last a lot longer than when used alone. The good thing about these is they're versatile, you could add a subtle wash of color, or go all out. I love them!

I got colors, Sweet Pea, Biscuit and Berry Sorbet

Swatches in the same order as above. You can see they have a shiny finish.
Anyway, thanks for reading, sorry I haven't updated in a while, been having a busy time at home recently, moving around a lot.
Please comment what you think, and if you've tried these lipsticks!


  1. I purchased my first Natural Collection lipstick today in the shade 'Rose Petal' which is a lovely peach colour.I swatched it in the shop but haven't actually wore it yet :) The colour's you picked are lovely :)


  2. Some of the Natural Collection are pretty good for the price xx

  3. I wanted to buy rose petal but they were all out of that one! That's on my list. Lisa, yeah they are pretty good, but the foundations are terrible but that's what you'd expect if you pay £1.99! xxx