Monday, 30 January 2012

My Hair Journey...

So, I've been dying my naturally chestnut brown hair jet black for the past four or five years. I have a very pale complexion and I got tired of looking tired and washed out. So, I thought about what colour I wanted my hair to be and decided. Blonde. My mum was totally against it, everyone who I told was kind of sceptical.
I saw that Beautycrush had gone blonde and it looked absolutely gorgeous. She has a darker skin colour to me but I really liked the colour. (
I used a colour remover (colour B4) and then used the same product that beautycrush used on her hair. (smartblonde by smartbeauty)
I had my sister apply it, and unfortunately she didn't listen to me, and focused most of the dye on my roots.
So, I went from having hair like this:
 To this:

So, my ends are a dark brown colour and the hair close to my hair is ginger and my roots are the only part of my head that is blonde.
So yes, it's a bit of a disaster but I'm embracing the gingerness.
I'm giving my hair a bit of a rest at the moment and I have a different lightening ki to use and then a dark ash blonde hair dye to put on it. My hair is going to need a LOT of deep conditioning by the time I'm don
Wish me luck!

Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks for reading. xoxo


  1. Love your hair color, that is soo cool. I have only dyed my hair twice,but want to dye again since I havent in over 10 years LOL. Thank you for following my blog, I am not following as well. Please enter my blog giveaway and tell your friends =).

  2. thankyou! It looks a little better now though, a bit more even. You're welcome, and thankyou! :)