Sunday, 22 January 2012

Katy Perry.

Katy Perry. 
The woman. The legend.
I confess it: I'm completely, obsessively, irrevocably and insanely in love with Ms Katy Perry.
You may have already guessed from the blog title or the picture at the top. 
She's such an inspiration to me. Her songs make me feel emotions I've never felt before. I've seen her live and queued for 5 hours in a very chilly Cardiff, so that I could get to the front. But it was so so worth it. Katy looked me right in the eyes. :)

Now you're probably thinking that I'm some weird crazy superfan, like a 'beliber' or something. (no offense to the belibers out there) But you'd be right. I am one of those annoying twitter-stalking fans you hear about. I'm a Katycat. :D
My dream is to meet her. 

Anyway, onto what I was ACTUALLY going to talk about, was the new eyelashes that Eyelure and Katy Perry are bringing out. I was so excited about this when I heard about it. There will be four different sets available, called: Sweetie Pie, Oh My!, Cool Kitty and Oh, Honey. Apparently Katy wore Eyelure lashes every night of her tour, false lashes are an essential part of her stage appearance. The lashes range from more demure and girly, to big and fluttery.

I think my favorites are the Oh, Honey ones, but I will probably get them all when they arrive in shops and try them all. :) Apparently they will be available in the UK from February. Can't wait!
Thanks for reading, sorry if this post seemed a little creepy, I go a bit crazy when I talk about her. There I go again! Anyway, please comment!


  1. Hey. First of all, you have an amazing blog, and second I also love Katy Perry, I listen to her music everyday and it's absolutly amazing.
    I love those lashes and I would love to try them out, my favorite lashes would be the second one! They all look amazing and I really want to try them out;)

  2. Hi, thankyou so much! I'm so new to all this, but I just wanted something that I could focus on outside of college! She is so amazing, I cannot even describe. Did you know she's dyed her hair blue now? It's changing so much recently!
    I know right? Hopefully they come out near a payday for me so that I can afford them all! xoxo

  3. You are doing a very good job, keep it up;)
    Yes, she is amazing and I didn't know that, blue will look super good on her. All I can say about her is that I will love her no matter what, she is beautiful.
    I hope they can come out in Norway, if not I guess I'll just have to order the online.
    I just have to get them so I can do some makeup looks with them on;)