Sunday, 8 January 2012

Aims for Nails this Year...

I want to always have perfect nails this year. Even if it means redoing them every single night. I absolutely HATE the look of chipped nailpolish. I also want to get more creative with my nails this year and try more arty kind of things, like crystals, french tips and maybe even trying to draw designs on them. I've been a little creative in the past, especially after I got a konad kit for my birthday last year:

And then I got these cute little nail tattoos, which you can find here:

These look pretty cool, but I always found myself picking at the edges of them when I was nervous or just without noticing! :(
I think that next week from my £20 weekly budget I a going to buy this:
(I got the above picture for 30somethingmel's blog found here:
I think that this effect looks amazing and it's about six pounds from Boots, which is amazing! 
If anyone has any cool ideas for nail art or tips and t  ricks, or especially if you've tried the magnetic nail polish, please comment! :) Thanks for reading! xoxo

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