Saturday, 7 January 2012

Review: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector - B.B Cream

So, B.B Cream has been everywhere recently. They originally got so popular in Asia because Korean actresses said that they were their 'beauty secret'. 
So, finally they've come to the UK (seems like we're always the last to get everything, movies, perfumes etc.. :( )

I read up on this one before I bought it, and this had okay reviews, and it's a mid-range priced product, priced at £9.99, although in Boots there's an offer of 2 for £15. The lady in Boots looked at me like I was stupid when I said I only wanted the one. My £20 weekly budget had to be taken into account in this case. 
It's a 50ml bottle, which isn't amazing but it's not too stingey considering I've seen smaller BB cream bottles.

So it claims to:
-Even skintone and boost glow
-Blur imperfections
-Smooth fine lines
-24hr Hydration
-SPF 15

I got the light colour, which looks like this on my hand: 

After applying it, I wasn't completely blown away, but not disappointed. I have some mild spots and redness, and it did 'blur' these. There was still some redness, but not as much as before.
I applied this about 10 hours ago and I have to say that my skin does still feel hydrated and moisturized. 
My skin felt smooth after applying it, kind of like after applying foundation and powder, but not so heavy.
A lot of the reviews I read mentioned a strong fragrance, but I really like it. It's really not that strong, in fact I didn't notice it at first. It smells quite fruity and sweet, in a subtle way.
The colour is perfect for my skin, it's only slightly darker than my very pale complexion, which I like, as I don't like looking like a ghost. :)
As for the smoothing fine lines part, I'm afraid I couldn't really give an opinion on it, as I don't have any wrinkles as of yet. :)
Overall, I wasn't blown away, but I am quite pleased that I bought it, and I will continue to use it. I may try another BB cream when this one runs out.
-Good coverage
 -SPF 15, which I always look for when buying skin products
-Smells nice
-Long lasting moisturisation
-Could be better at covering all redness, maybe a green tinge added to it

Hope this was helpful! :) xoxo

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