Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Polka Dot Nails!

So, I've been busy doing nothing for the past four days. I've literally been napping and watching Celebrity Big Brother outside of College. It's quite sad really. Also, I'm broke, I have ten pounds left to spend until net friday (payday woo!) and that's gonna be spent on travel. :( Looks like that magnetic nail polish and new bag are going to have to wait.
Anyway, inbetween sleeping and eating, I somehow found the time to do my nails. At first I just painted them a pink colour, but i thought I'd add a little pazzaz to it, so I added polka dots. This is the first time I've actually done this, and it's actually really easy!

I used a 17 nail polish in a pinky colour, (can't tell what the name was because it's not on the bottle :( )
I then used the round bottom end of a makeup brush and dipped it into the darker polish that I had made little puddle of on a plate. I then just made the pattern, redipping as needed.
A topcoat to finish and it was done!
Hope you like this, I love them!
Thankyou so much for reading, I'd love to hear any comments you may have. :)

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