Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Cutest Pictures of Cats Ever.

So, I'm a bit crazy about cats. And when I say a bit, I mean a lot. My cat is one of my best friends. I get emotional thinking about cats. I don't want children, just lots of cats. I teared up the other day when watching 'American Dad' because a cartoon cat was dead. :'( Whenever I'm feeling a little sad, I look at pictures of cats and it makes me happy. I don't really like dogs, or any other animal much for that matter, just cats. It's enevitable that I will be the 'crazy cat lady' when I'm old. Never mind, I just thought I'd post a selection of gorgeous felines. 

 Cats dressed as chickens make me laugh SO much. And here is my own gorgeous boy, his name is Robbie and he's a babe.
 So, I know that this was a kind of random post, but I was feeling a little low and I thought talking about cats might cheer me up a little... and it did. Thanks for reading! xoxo

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